Sunday, March 28, 2010

"DUH" Day

Ever have a foolish day? I had one yesterday.
Planning to display on a wall some of the exquisite handiwork of my grandbabies , at different stages of their wee lives... pure art which I had found in a trunk that had been long closed and forgotten... I placed a large drawing done by the baby hand of our Bubs, who is now in college, against the wall and pressed in a decorative tack . The pretty blue , 5 cent sized head fell off the tack. So wanting this wall to be perfectly adorable, I climbed down with the tack head in my hand. I dug a new tube of SUPER GLUE out, opened it and squirted my palm full of "glue that will harden instantly and will hold an automobile dangling from a cliff so it doesn't fall! I jumped and rushed to put my hand under hot water! My fingers stuck together. I yelled for Papa to come help me! I ripped my wedding band from its finger just before it became a permanent part of my body.
I spent the next hour rubbing my hand with solutions of peroxide, veggie oil, liquid
soaps with a scrub brush..... while Papa worked on my ring with mysterious workshop potions and then a grinder machine. When he brought the ring back and put it on my finger, he said, "Mom! You should NEVER pour your palm full of SUPER GLUE!" ; )
But he always helps it to "feel all better". I sit now and view the artwork of wee ones whom I love more than life and it does feel all better.
Just one day of a long journey.

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  1. that is too funny momma! It sounds like something I would do!!! hee hee. Guess I know where I got it! :)