Thursday, October 15, 2009

....AND EVEN NOW....

What would I do without him?
When I feel as if I'm about to be pushed over the cliff,
he always seems to step between me and the edge and he
nudges me back to the safe ground.
I think he'd say I do the same for him,
though I never see it as such at the time.
(from "MARY's JOURNAL")

Have started reading the life story of Oswald Chambers ( we all know him best by his little book "MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST" all over the world , in as many languages, second only to God's Bible.)
He died so young. Never knew that his written words were destined by God to
inspire and encourage (and sometimes reveal hidden sins) to generations of God seeking folk.
Where do people like him, like Mother Theresa,like the Catholic priest who lived and died ministering to lepers( all outcasts on a remote island), ... like present day Heidi and Roland Baker ......where do they come from (God , of course).
What requisite to be one to whom the LORD IS their ALL IN ALL?
Can it be BROKENESS ? Not for a season..but forever?
I wonder. I want. I need.

PS. my sweet Girl is going to teach me how to edit and improve what i write here..when she gets time to : )


  1. You write well momma. Authentic from the heart. No improvement needed.

    I think there are many OC's and Heidi Bakkers...each with a different row to hoe. I think the Lord can be all in all to any of us...if we slow down and connect enough.

    Sweetness what you wrote about Papa...hugs...I know you are the same to him.

  2. Hugs, hugs...I KNOW I am leaving comments....why aren't you publishing them? hee hee.