Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A stormy day.
What to do? this thought led to a box, long stored in the garage loft...marked "mom's treasures".
Lift it down carefully.
Later ..spread across the shiny wood floor ..little piles of preciousness.
Hours of reading, piece by piece. Some are yellowed by age.
Tiny handprints, colorful hearts, lots of smiley faces , adorning so many declarations of baby love flowing from pure little hearts
Sweet healing balm for tired old minds., four generations of familial love wove warm "Snuggies" and wrapped us as............the storm raged on.
MOMS, KEEP IT ALL! Each paper , every poem, special letters , all cutouts.... keep
it all. One day your blanket of warmth will embrace you as you open your old trunks and start reliving it all. What a blessing.


  1. Oh I love trunks of love. I keep planning on going through mine and writing in a little notebook to put in the trunk, the signifigance of eacdh item...I just forget.

    A nice way to spend a stormy day.

  2. Hugs....thank you for keeping love on paper....